Atuh Beach & Diamond Beach Viewpoint

Atuh Beach & Diamond Beach Viewpoint


On the most eastern point of Nusa Penida, lies a remarkable stretch of coastline which lures thousands of intrigued tourists year by year: Atuh Beach (Pantai Atuh in the local language). You can hike to Atuh Beach by the pathways either left or right side of the bay. The right side offers wondrous views of the Diamond Beach as well as the Thousand Islands, an assembly of sea stumps, standing tall off the coast of this striking island of natural wonders. You’ll stumble across these first before you reach Atuh beach itself. From the left side, you’ll find Atuh Beach first, which is where I arrived from. The beach has many huts which sell food and drinks, unlike the other spectacular Kelingking Beach.


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Below you’ll see the views of Diamond Beach and the thousand islands viewpoint. There are steps leading you down to Diamond beach which is carved out of the side of the cliff.

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