Cunca Rami Waterfall

Deep into the West Manggarai District on the island of Flores, 35 km away from the city of Labuan Bajo, you’ll find  Mbeliling Forrest. Amongst the rich vegetation, dense jungle and rice fields, standing tall, is the fast flowing waterfall of Cunca Rami. A must see attraction on the island of Flores. You’ll need your way through the thick forest trees for a while and cross the two rivers, to reach this natural beauty. I must admit, Cunca Rami is not an easy waterfall to get to. I paid a young local from the nearby village to guide me there. If you’re not sure about doing the trek yourselves, then book a tour. Due to the location and nearby traditional villages which sidetrack tourists, this natural jewel is fairly unexplored. Do not miss out on dipping into the ice cold plunge pool.


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Nearby Cunca Rami:

Melo Village

Best time to Visit Nusa Tenggara:

April to September


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