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Built-in the style of the Tang Dynasty over an area of 3.5 hectares, Nan Lian Garden is a Chinese garden of classical elegance. Although placed in the urban area of Kowloon, amongst Hong Kong’s high rise blocks, the timber carvings and alluring bonsais give the garden a tranquil and serene atmosphere.






The four elements of Tang style gardens are strategically placed; rock, water, timber, and trees. On entering the gardens, visitors have to pass through the Black Lintel Gate before reaching the Chinese Timber Architecture Gallery.






The gallery contains wooden models of traditional Chinese timber structures and illustrates construction methods such as those used at Chi Lin Nunnery. Following the one-way route, visitors stroll along the Banyan Grove and Pine Path South before reaching the Lotus Pond. In the Lotus Pond is the stunning gold Perfection Pavilion connected by two red-painted timber Zi Wu Bridges.







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Bonsai tree with a view of the Golden Pavilion

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March – April & October – November

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