#NatureBags collected
as of February 13th, 2019

The Rules

The rules and conditions for your #NatureBag nomination are simple

1 - Get out in touch with nature. Whether that is a walk on a beach on your holiday, a hike up a mountain, a country stroll & fill a plastic bag full of rubbish you've found

2 - Take a photo, or preferably a video with you and the Nature Bag you collected, and tag @ThankOurMother (on either Facebook or Instagram) + the hashtag #NatureBag

3  - Nominate 3 others to do the same thing

1 Nature Bag

Things to Mention

  • Show us your surroundings

I will report majority of #NatureBag tags that i can. I would LOVE it the more creative you get, showing us where it was you collected your bag of rubbish

  • Be thoughtful in who you nominate

The more WE can spread awareness to #NatureBag, the better. So choosing your 3 best friends of yours who live around the corner from you, that never leave the area for anything but work... well, we won't probably get anything done by choosing them. All due respect. By choosing someone you know whos going on holiday soon, or a cousin of yours who just took a gap year to study in Thailand, well, the results will most likely be more productive. Just think a little. Regardless, if they are the only people you know who will be willing to do a good deed like this, then so be it. Best friends it is 🙂

  • Take it overseas

Each post that I see in a new country will reserve a spot on the special feature section below on this page. So take it overseas.

Special Features

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