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One of the biggest issues travellers face these days is, having so much travel gear we want to take with us. It's either you're carrying it for months on end, or your short break costs you an extra £50 because you go over your limit by a kilo (this makes me angry). Further below I've compiled a bunch of travel gear that would come into great practical use for your gap year or some cool sh*t that might interest you.


I either have/had or wanted this collection. Some I've come across on my travels and thought 'damn that's sick', but never really had a good enough reason to purchase - maybe you will. A fair few of these are sustainable products to use, which I'm a huge advocate of.

Anyways, enjoy

Have you ever looked at someone laying in a hammock and thought 'damn they look comfy as f%$*'?

Well Coalatree do some pretty cool stuff, & what I loved about their brand is that they supply blankets to the homeless

  • Suitable For: Sloths, humans who like chillin, villains
  • Bad for: Lamposts, your mums garden space


Want one? Click this to see their range

Find your perfect rug with Salty Aura. Durable, long-lasting cotton rugs that can be machine washable. Wicked for camping and picnics!

 They also give 10% towards helping our oceans!

  • Good For: Campers, backpackers, that van life!
  • Bad for: People with no delivery address


Check their stuff here

One of my favourite purchases to this day.  This bag is perfect for travelling with! Durable, water-resistant, with many secure pockets and sections.

I bought this with a camera cube so it separates all my equipment - and the handy zip on the side for quick access to my camera!

  • Good For: Photographers who have style, hikers, even those tech-free people who want a perfect backpack
  • Bad for: People who don't leave their house

Grab yours here

These Dock & Bay towels are fantastic. I travelled with the yellow and white Boracay edition, which I had to leave behind in Australia with a friend as I fled back home due to Covid-19.

They dry super fast, and pack so small! Saved me lots of room in my backpack while I was island hopping around Asia.

  • Good For: Hostel lodgers, 60L> backpack users
  • Bad for: People who hate sand AND washing. If you like one of those, you're good

I know you're tempted..Click here

I have previously used a water filter - but never a bottle like these. Bottles like these come in handy when you are away from a clean water source r stuck in the wilderness.

Larq's bottles eradicate up to 99.9999% of germs, bacteria, protozoa, and other harmful bio-contaminants without the use of toxic chemicals like mercury. They purify water in 60 seconds!

+ they're lightweight & BPA free!

  • Great For: Those with a budget who's travelling to countries where water isn't safe. Hikers
  • Not Ideal for: Those looking for something cheap

Check out LARQ's range here

Honestly saved me a few times - especially in India and Thailand!

For each LifeStraw product you purchase, a school child in a developing community receives clean drinking water for one school year! Now that's something

Saves you buying plastic bottles!

  • Good For: Hikers, travelling to countries where tap water isn't safe to drink
  • Bad for: If you travel to where tap water is clean + people who love littering the world with plastic bottles.

Grab your life-saving filter here

These guys have stopped 47 million pounds of rubbish generated each year, and that's because their stuff is good! Really sturdy containers to pack your food in.

Used mine for a year, before I left it behind at a hostel in Sri Lanka (heartbroken emoji)

  • Good For: Humans who eat food + the planet
  • Bad for: Turtles. Turtles would struggle to open these

Reusable is the way forward - get one

Reusable bottles are the way forward. These badboys can keep your drinks cool for 24 hours, and your coffee hot for 12!

No kidding one of the most useful & sustainable things you can travel with.


  • Good For: Long journeys, hot-drink lovers, saving the planet of plastic
  • Bad for: People who don't leave their house, grab a glass


Hydro Flasks one click away

I met a couple in India who were travelling with these, and I was jealous. At the time I was alone, plus postage to India wasn't going to be the smoothest transition.

They're solar-powered which is pretty cool!

  • Good For: People who like cute sh*t. The inside of your campervan or your garden.
  • Bad for: Bats & humans who only eat carrots


Grab your cute lights here

Honestly, probably the most necessary thing you can take with you travelling. Ideal gift.

Anker for me is the best. Other companies slowly over time shrink in battery capacity they hold, where these guys last for around five years.

You can charge your phone around 6 times at least off it

  • Good For: Technology users. 90% of the human population
  • Bad for: The tech-free backpackers

That's it, you know you need one

No kidding, I travelled for 9 months around Asia with one of these, and I can't express how ideal it is! No charging and super light!

I didn't exactly need a loud speaker, sharing hostel dorms etc. This gave me the volume I needed for small gatherings.

  • Good For: The environment, your neighbour's sleep & your baggage allowance
  • Bad for: Baseheads

Go on, click here

Let's be real, we all burn. Some after 10 minutes, some after two hours, but we're not invincible.

Raw Elements have a certified natural sunscreen which is safe for the ocean. What is also great is that doesn't contain oxybenzone (read below). Raw Elements are also part of 1% For the Planet

  • Good For: Humans with a percentage of consideration inside them
  • Useless for: Trips to London in December

That's it, you know you need one

Most chemical sunscreens contain oxybenzone, which is believed to be the chemical linked to bleaching fragile coral reef populations worldwide … and us humans are contributing an estimated 14,000 tons of sunscreen into rivers and oceans each year.

Bamboo Toothbrush

coming soon

We're all hopefully brushing our teeth at least twice a day. If it's not twice and only once, then you still can do with one of these.

One of the most washed up things found in sea plastic is toothbrushes. So why not make a switch to a sustainable toothbrush which can be recycled?

  • Good For: People with hygiene. Sea Turtles. The environment
  • Bad for: Those who want morning breath forever.

Coming soon £3.49

Bamboo Toothbrush Case

coming soon

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials we can use, considering it grows at such a fast rate and it's so durable. These bamboo toothbrush cases are great to travel with, keeping your toothbrush away from the rest of the jazz you have in your toiletry bag.

Say no to plastic cases you buy last minute at the airport

  • Good For: Toothbrush users & the environment
  • Bad for: Plastic producing corporations

Coming soon £4.99

Bamboo Straw Set

coming soon

As I've mentioned above, there are many advantages to using bamboo alternatives. Plastic straws, unfortunately, are provided to us all over the world, but you could stop your plastic use by taking some of these with you

  • Good For: The Planet, ocean waste
  • Useless for: Cats & dogs

Coming soon £4.99

Hemp Soap Bag

coming soon

I've always been a huge advocate and user of soap bars instead of shower gels. One reason being that bars save me a lot of space in my toiletry bag, and it's easier to get hold of palm oil-free products. Also, the majority of sponges aren't recyclable.

These natural mesh hemp soap bags you can use while washing yourself, and they feel super gentle on your skin. They save your space too, as there is no need to carry any sponges with you.

  • Beneficial For: Your luggage space, saving plastic use
  • Unstuitable for: People with low hygiene

Coming soon £1.49

Organic Wooden Utensils Kit

coming soon

A utensils kit will always come in handy while travelling. Bamboo has antibacterial and antifungal properties that keep this reusable cutlery travel set safe and free from harmful outdoor germs, keeping you healthy. The bamboo kit comes with the following

  • 1 x spoon
  • 1 x fork
  • 1 x knife
  • 1 x straw
  • 1 x pair of chopsticks
  • 1 x cleaning brush (for straw)

Coming soon £11.49

Just so you know, some of these links are affiliate-links (yes, some aren't, believe it or not). Meaning If you were to purchase them, I would earn a small commission at no extra expense of yours! All of these I either use or want.

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