Why It’s Important to Use Local Guides on your travels


Whys it important to use a Local Guide?


Using big overseas corporations who manage to plot themselves on the top of your Google search box do not do anything for the locals or the destination. Yes ok, they get you to the area but there is hardly any direct benefit for those who are welcoming you to their lands.

There are many companies out there which link you are with local guides and excursions. By doing this, the money out of your pocket goes straight to the people of the communities.


Local Guide Companies for a Positive Impact Holiday


A couple that I recommend are:

ILikeLocal‘See the real world. Travel with locals and make an impact’. That’s their slogan. What I love about them is that they supply top local experiences, and 100% of their package cost goes to THE LOCAL! Here you can find local homestays and farm stays for accommodation too! The perfect way to give back.

ToursByLocals : Featured in many top worldwide newspapers, ToursByLocals is another company which connects you with local guides that are truly experienced. They’ve served now over a MILLION customers worldwide, they have 24/7 support. 


Another thing you can do, which I did many times in Indonesia, is actually just finding someone in the area and paying them to take you. It’s easier than you can imagine. 

You’re probably thinking ‘How can I trust them?’ or ‘How do you know they’ll do what I want?’ 

It’s in their interest to give you the best experience possible! They would love to be able to tell their friends that they spent the day showing someone from Europe around a waterfall, or guiding you around a market and sharing their knowledge with you. In most cases, they are just as interested in you as you are of the place they’re showing you!


Our guide for the journey through the forrest and rice fields, who we found in a nearby town playing on the roadside with her little brother

Shanti, who Is a young girl from the nearby village of Cunca Rami Waterfall, with a dream to leave Flores island, guided us through the jungle and pass the illegal, unofficial entrance

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Things to also think about


Local Guides are Experts

Think of it like this. Local guides are local experts. They know the area thoroughly and can give you access and insight, and give you a true experience.

They can adapt to situations

With local contacts and wealthy knowledge of the destination or attraction you’re visiting, local guides are at your service and can easily modify the day’s schedule. If let’s say you have had enough of what you’re doing, a local can give you alternative ideas and recommendations.

The drive to Sekumpul will take you in up a windy, mountainous journey through the jungle

Local Guide which we found hitchhiking in Central Bali, took us to Sekumpul Waterfall next morning at a great price. He had a family of four children, which hopefully our money helped feed

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